Upgrading to J!Research 1.2

Those are the instructions to upgrade to the latest 1.2.x version depending on your current version.

If you are a 1.1.x user, you can upgrade to the newest 1.2.x version using our automatic upgrade plugin according to this instructions:

  • Download, install and enable the J!Research automatic upgrade plugin.
  • In your browser write {Joomla_site_url}/administrator/index.php?option=com_jresearch&mode=upgrader
  • Follow the instructions given by the upgrade assistant.

If you are using a beta version of J!Research 1.2:

J!Research 1.2 Stable users can use the plugin to upgrade whenever there is a new 1.2.x release. In this case the control panel includes a button to run the upgrade assistant. The upgrade can be done through full or patch packages. Full packages are forced for major upgrades (1.1 -> 1.2) whereas patch packages are recommended (but not compulsory) for minor upgrades (1.2.x -> 1.2.y).