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Robe-Safe Research Group

The Robe-Safe research group at the University of Alcalá is focused on perception systems applied to the fields of Service Robotics and e-Safety. At present is formed by 37 researchers of which 17 are Doctors. It is composed by two main sub-groups:

Engineering in Integrated Systems

The ISIS group was founded by Dr. Francisco Sandoval in 1994 as part of the Department of Electronic Technology of the Málaga University when some of its members joined to apply for a CICYT project which provided enough financing to afford the application of knowledge in the fields of Robotics and Computer Vision. Since then, the center has worked with government grants as well as with private companies, publishing its work in journals and conferences. The department uses a modified version of J!Research 1.2.x to organize their research work in its website.


Osteopathic Research Web

Supported and initiated by the "Vienna School of Osteopathy" , the Osteopathic Research Web's goal is to host the references and abstracts of osteopathic research projects in a database accessible via internet from all over the world for free, presenting research in this field not just to the osteopathic community but also to the interested public.


Giovanni Mariani

Giovanni Mariani is since 2007 a Ph.D student  at ALaRI Advanced Learning and Research Institute, part of the Faculty of Informatics within the University of Lugano (Switzerland). He obtained this position after the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Embedded System Design, post graduated program offered within the same institute where he is currently working. His current research, under the advise of Prof. Mariagiovanna Sami and prof. Cristina Silvano, concerns "Design Space Exploration for Multi-core optimization". He uses J!Research in his personal website to publish y administer his research work including publications and projects.


Chronic Back Pain Project

Chronic Back Pain is an interdisciplinary research project supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project aims at new insights and diagnostic tools related to chronic back pain, which, although being the most common cause of work-related absence in western society, is still poorly understood. The general model of our consortium integrates higher cognitive levels, body schemes and internal models, the musculoskeletal system and pain processing instances.

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