Institute for Technical Informatics

Research at the Institute is focused on the investigation of computer architectures for "Embedded Real-Time Systems", i.e., on specialized computer architectures which are designed to integrate performance, dependability, and modularity. In this context, the research activities are organized into the following areas: Hardware/Software-Codesign, Pervasive and Sensor-Based Computing, Model-Based Software Architectures and Real-Time Systems.


In 1987 the Institute for Technical Informatics was founded as part of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Graz University of Technology. Currently, it has a staff of 23 persons including 12 PhD students. Teaching at the institute - supported by lecturers from industry - has been steadily revised and extended over the years. The institute offers currently courses for Electrical Engineering and Telematics in total of 69 hours. Up to now, 60 PhD students and 280 master students have completed their theses . Since its foundation, about 300 papers have been published at international journals and conferences. It has established strong collaborations with academia and industry resulting in various research projects. For example, the Institute has been member of the "Elite University Program" by Texas Instruments since 1995.