J!Research, after 1.0 release

J!Research project has grown incredibly since its conception as a Google Summer of Code 2008 project. This program finished for me with the release of 1.0 version which brought to us a very cool website and our own entry in Joomlacode and JED websites.

Things have changed a lot since that.  Users started posting issues in the tracker and offering translation work, like in my books of bazaar-styled development. Now, J!Research has been translated into German, Italian, Polish and French, while Bulgarian package is being developed. It is rewarding to know that your work is useful to others. Then a colleague from Austria, named Florian Prinz, joined the project. At first ,he was a user posting issues in the tracker, then he expressed his interest in collaborating with code becoming the most active developer and proposing excellent new ideas. In a few weeks, J!Research included a cool coverflow view for staff and support for financiers, cooperations and facilities. The best part came when a Spanish company decided to finance the development of a series of extra requirements for J!Research which effectively gave more sense to our work. We worked hard and as consequence to this effort, we are near the completion of the second major release of J!Research, 1.1 which will be accompanied by a new website, courtesy of Neri and a summary page of our users' websites. Finally, the team grew when Carlos Cámara, from Spain, decided to collaborate with sh404sef support and Spanish translation for 1.1 release.

Things have definitely changed!!!