Frequently asked questions

This page contains a list of the identified frequently asked questions that we receive via the contact page. We strongly recommend our users to read this page before downloading or enquirying about J!Research.

Q : What is J!Research license?

J!Research is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License, version 2.

Q : What are J!Research system requirements?

Any web server platform having:

  • PHP 5 (we strongly suggest 5.2.x)
  • Joomla 1.5 (> 1.5.4, as functionalities related to the persistency of cited records will not work in old versions)

Q : Does J!Research need a special server configuration to work correctly?

  • We suggest to verify whether the property short_open_tag is set to On in your php.ini file to avoid any kind of problem. This property makes the interpreter to accept PHP snippets beginning with instead of
  • If you are using J!Research 1.0, please verify allow_call_time_pass_reference property is set to On, because there are several unnecessary by reference function calls in the code. It has been successfully corrected in 1.1 branch.
  • Furthermore, we also recommend to verify if you have PEAR correctly configured and installed. J!Research uses Structures_Bibtex PEAR extension to handle the parsing of Bibtex files. Even though you do not need to install this extension (J!Research includes it), you should have PEAR properly configured in your interpreter. It is uncommon to find a distribution of PHP not including PEAR.

Q : I cannot install J!Research; I get the following error message "There was an error uploading this file to the server. Unable to find install package" when uploading the install package from installer interface in backend.

This is the most common issue reported by our users. By default, servers are configured to accept files uploads of 2 MB at most, while J!Research packages are 3 MB size. To solve this issue, you can either:

  • Change your server configuration which can be done by increasing the value of property upload_max_filesize in your php.ini configuration file OR
  • Install J!Research via the path installer (the second field in the installation interface) which implies to decompress the package.

Q : I get an error message starting with JInstaller::install: SQL Error. DB function failed with error number 1142: CREATE VIEW command denied to user ... when trying to install J!Research

This error is produced because J!Research uses MySQL views to access the different types of publications, as we use one table per type. This guarantees compatibility with JoomFish extension (even though we do not support multilingual support in this version) and makes the code more understandable. However MySQL 4.x users will have problems with this decision because this version does not support SQL views. Furthermore, even some MySQL 5.x users might experience problems with views according to this bug report. If this happens to you, please try our modified package which does not contains SQL views. This will surely work!!

Q : I turned on configuration for commenting with captcha, but I recieve an unable to initialize captcha message when attempting to comment on a publication.

Create a folder called captcha in the components frontend.


Q : Bibutils binaries are not working or loading properly on my WinXP machine

This issue is present with file paths that contain the following:

1) special characters (e.g. J!Research)
2) folder names > 8 chars (extensions-1.5)
3) utterly long...

** You may optionally enable exec( ), system( ), or passthru( ) in PHP to use them at all.