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Information Technologies Center (CTi) at ESPOL

The Information Technology Center, CTi, existing since 1999, was reborn on 2007 as a Research Center at the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral - ESPOL. The center has re-structured its organization, establishing 4 Research Programs which cover several areas of impact of the information technologies in society. These programs develop real projects which combine emerging technologies, multidisciplinary work and the inclusion of the human dimensions of technology in Ecuador. They are using J!Research in their new Joomla! based website to organise their wide list of research work including projects, publications, research areas and staff members.


IES V Centenario

vcentenario's Logo IES V Centenario is a public center for profesional education located in Sevilla, Spain. Nowadays it has about 800 students. They use J!Research to administer the center's library which holds approximately 10000 publications. In the near future, they intend to provide a better classification for their items as their current clasification level is quite simple.


Anthony Morse

Anthony Morse is currently doing a post-doctoral fellow working on the ICEA project, and lecturing in Adaptive Robotics at the University of Skövde. From July 2009 he will be moving to Plymouth University to work as a senior research fellow on the I-TALK project. He is also secretary for the International Society for Adaptive Behaviour (ISAB).

He uses J!Research in his personal academic page for the management of his publications and has collaborated with the project by reporting several bugs and feature requests.


Applied Optimization Systems

SOA logoThe research group "Sistemas de Optimización Aplicada SOA" or Applied Optimization Systems (SOA) is a young research group formed by professors and highly prepared individuals which are, on average, under 30 years of age. We do research on general as well as on specific problems of relevant socio economic sectors at a local, national and international level.

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