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Mark Horowitz's Research Group

Professor Mark Horowitz's research group conducts research in the area of digital integrated circuit design and more recently in bio-engineering. Mark Horowitz is faculty at Stanford University, CA since 1984 at the Electrical Engineering department. J!Research is being used to keep tracked of all the group research projects and publications.


Sébastien Rufiange

Sébastien Rufiange is a graduate student in Software Engineering and use J!Research to organize his research work. This is what he stated:

I use J!Research to store my bibliography and to create links to my publications. The user friendly application allows me to cite references and integrate them into my articles. In addition, it enables me to import citations and publish them on the web site easily. In the future, I want to use it to display information about my current projects and collaborators.


Mobile Communications Group at UIB

The Mobile Communications Group (MCG) at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) aims at playing a relevant role in researching and advancing the necessary enabling technologies in mobile and wireless communications, including the physical, data link, transport, network and application layers, as well as their joint cross-layer optimisation.

The group's mission is to focus on long-term research on wireless communications, networking, signal processing and information theory, to maintain national and international activities in the creation and dissemination of knowledge, to provide an outstanding education in electrical engineering, and to serve both the public and private sectors through the collective experience and expertise of its members.

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