Robe-Safe Research Group

The Robe-Safe research group at the University of Alcalá is focused on perception systems applied to the fields of Service Robotics and e-Safety. At present is formed by 37 researchers of which 17 are Doctors. It is composed by two main sub-groups:

Services Robotics Research Group: the RobeSafe group has been working in the field of service robotics since the year 1996. Our research is focused in the following lines: human-robot interfaces, multi-sensorial perception, location, navigation, SLAM and tele-assistance services. In recent years the group has participated in different projects supported by public institutions as the European Commission, Spanish Ministry of Science, Community of Madrid and University of Alcalá. On the other hand, the final goal of our group is to transfer the results of our technologies to the industry. In this sense RobeSafe has collaborate with several companies in order to develop different robotics systems.

eSafety Research Group: in order to improve traffic safety, both the scientific community and the automobile industry have contributed to the development of different types of safety systems. The application of electronic technologies to road safety enhancement is generally known as eSafety. In the last decade, research has also moved towards more intelligent on-board systems that aim to anticipate and try to avoid or mitigate the severity of traffic accidents. These systems are referred to as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in the sense that they assist the driver to take decisions, provide signals in possible dangerous driving situations, and perform counteractive measures in cases of unavoidable accidents. A major characteristic of ADAS is the requirement of observing and understanding key aspects of the vehicle's environment in real-time. For this purpose, the use of Computer Vision is becoming a kind of standard that most car manufacturers are incorporating in their latest models. The RobeSafe Group conducts exhaustive research in the field of Safety and ADAS with the goal of transferring the results of its technology to the automotive and road maintenance industries.